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    So these are the guys I’ve been hearing on FMU! Love the songs they’ve been playing, but to find out they’ve been around since 1970 is almost no surprise to me. You can definitely hear the old school flavor with several of the songs so I knew there was no way they could be “newbies” or wannabes. (was curious just to be sure anyway) Good luck to them on the release of their cd!

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    John P.

    Interesting how The Move was the inspiration to the tv smashing. Listening to a few of FOL’s songs, (certainly not all of them) I’m immediately reminded of earlier Move (pre-Jeff Lynne – Carl Wayne days more-so) and wonder if in fact, they were influenced by them as well, besides the influences mentioned in the interview. Personally I like when a band has various sounds as FOL seems to have. Nowadays, you listen to an artist’s song… like it… but then the rest of their stuff is just a recycled version of that one you liked!

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    The fact they weren’t around for so long, came back to the world to create more music, and became even more popular is just so cool. I’m very happy to see them making a huge success with their music. They really deserve it and I can’t wait to hear their new album.

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    Figures of Light sounds like a cool group. I can’t say I’ve really heard of them, but I will be honest and say that their music sounds really good. I’ve become a new fan of them.

    Anyways, I love their passion for music, how they were inspired by many great bands and all that good stuff.

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    I’ve listened to all of Figures Of Light’s albums. I literally had no idea they were absent in the rock world that long though. I just got their new album too and it’s one of their best yet. I can’t stop listening to it.

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    Adam Martin

    Seriously, these guys are so cool and I love their work. I wish I was alive in the 70s to hear their music, even as short of a career they had back then I would have been a fan for life. I am very happy they’ve made a solid comeback and are continuing to make some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

    I loved the interview through and through. Some interesting things were brought up and I had a good time learning more about Figures of Light.

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    I’ve never heard of a band coming back after 40 some years to make more music. Not only did they reunite, but they continued making albums. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Most of the time bands who’ve been apart for that long never come back, and when they do, it’s rare they stick together afterwards for too much longer.

    I’m happy to see Figures of Light producing and releasing new albums pretty much every year. Really shows they’re a true talent.

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    FoL have been one of my all time favorite bands since I heard their Smash Hits album. So great to hear their music ever since. I always purchase their new albums because there’s always greatness to the music. I’m happy to see them getting interviews and such, they deserve the publicity and the exposure. Their music is art man.

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    So Proto-punk pretty much started the punk genre? That’s pretty cool. Glad to see Figures of Light at the forefront. I heard some of their music in the past and I really liked what I heard, this interview is interesting me even more in their music, so I think I’ll pick up their new album.

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    Dan Simon

    Love the interview. I wish there was a video to accompany the interview. Anyways, I enjoy their music quite a bit. I’ve listened to them ever since Lost & Found. One of my all time favorite albums ever. I didn’t listen to their earlier albums though, so I should probably get on that soon.

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    Buying their new CD as we speak! I came across FOL several months back and loved their older and newer songs so I’m hooked. They have a unique sound that’s different from what you hear a lot these days. I tend to listen mostly to classic rock, metal and punk but they’re one of a handful of artists I’ll listen to from the past couple decades.

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    Figures of Light

    Hey everybody – FOL has broken up – just moving on to new directions, but all is well — and we now have a Figures of Light Archive page with more than 100 videos and counting –

    – and Luke is kindly plugging in the new urls for our existing videos featured here.

    For some of our favorite FOL tunes, check out this playlist, totally ad free –

    – and remember we’re on Spotify as well, so you can easily keep up with us.

    Altogether, in our career, we put out 15 releases – singles, albums, both CD and vinyl – and recorded more than 100 tunes. They’re all on iTunes, or Amazon, and you can even get some old-school CDs and vinyl from mom & pop stores, which are the lifeblood of the business.

    We also want to thank Stuart Pendergast and Mike Pilat for collaborating with us on some cuts, and it’s been a gas to play with such great artists as Mick Collins and The A-Bones, and without Norton Records, none of it would have happened at all.

    Again, thanks for all the support, and keep supporting METAL EMPIRE – it absolutely is the real deal! Rock on!

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